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L’Officiel Officially Loves Dad Grass

We Lit Up With Sophie Shaw (& She Had Some Things To Say About It)

Typically, we tend to keep things light around Dad Grass HQ, but when Sophie asked us about our philosophy and ethos as a company, we couldn’t help but get into the weed(s). 

“If you're not having fun running a weed brand then you're probably doing something wrong.” That’s the philosophy of Joshua Katz and Ben Starmer, the founders of Dad Grass. But their weed won’t get you high—Dad Grass offers 100 percent hemp flower and pre-rolled joints that have all the benefits of CBD and CBG and very low amounts (at or below the legal limit of 0.3 percent) of THC, making them legal in all 50 states.” 

Getting hemp to the people legally is all well and good, but in a sea of CBD, what makes Dad Grass so special? Well, it all starts simply at the farm. 

​​"Working with USDA Certified Organic hemp farms, Dad Grass goes the extra step to ensure that its CBD and CBG are the highest quality. The company sends its fresh cut crop to independent third-party labs to test that it’s free from pesticides, mold, fungus, bacteria, and other toxins. The labs also determine the precise concentrations of THC and CBD and can specify the flower’s terpene profile.”

Dad Tip: Don’t let buzzwords like “regenerative agriculture” or “bio dynamic farming practices” spook you. That lingo is just a souped up version of saying we’re “au naturale.” That’s right, when it comes to Dad Grass, we tend not to overcomplicate things. That’s why when Sophie asked us about launching in the middle of a global pandemic, we kept it short and sweet. Because it’s about grass, and the guys and gals who toke it.

“Dad Grass has been built on inclusivity and community from the beginning; even though their product is named after Mom and Dad, it’s for everyone. One of the first initiatives the brand launched was inviting anyone affected by the pandemic—people who had been laid off or furloughed, frontline workers, etc.—to have a free CBD joint on them. It’s always been about helping people find a way to chill out.”

Read the whole piece here.


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