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The Modern Men At Maxim Take On The Vintage Dudes At Dad Grass

Talk About Maxim-um Impact

We got nostalgic with the modern men over at Maxim when we dove into the wonderful world of weed. Turns out everyone can relate to their grown-ups musing on the music and Mary Jane from back in the day. 

“Elder dads have learned the hard way in the last couple of decades that the dry, stemmy stuff they were getting when rock and roll wasn’t yet dead has little in common with the lab-grown cerebral nukes coming out of the pacific northwest and elsewhere in 2021.”

But let’s be real, in recent years it has gotten a lot easier to select the choicest nugs from around the country. Gone are the days of chillin’ with the dealer while you select between weed and, well, other weed. I think even our parents can agree on this one, it’s not all bad these days. Maybe we just went a little too far?

“There’s an argument that, as with the beer world, cannabis has taken things to the extreme in recent years. We don’t need more ultra sours and triple IPAs in the bud world. The two things your dad’s cannabis had that yours doesn’t? The utilitarian charm of makeshift disguised hiding places, and some fucking restraint.”

Enter, Dad Grass.

“The most charming thing about Dad Grass is its fun, nostalgic limited edition packaging. The Dad Grass special edition packs are designed with a nostalgic eye to home goods Americana.”

And like all pieces of Americana - your Dentist’s coca-cola memorabilia collection, your local diner, a perfect pair of blue jeans - Dad Grass is comfortable, perfect for any occasion, and will never go out of style.

“Maybe it’s a morning hangover cure, or a mini-buzz before tolerating a daytime gathering with the in-laws. Maybe it’s just your cocktail hour toke when the day is done. Dad Grass’s formula is dialed in for a comfy, lucid mellowness, with an eye to the fact that maybe you don’t want to eat an entire sleeve of Oreos at 3 p.m. on a Sunday.”

Read the whole piece here. 


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