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Family Album: Cincinnati, Ohio. Circa 1979

Even Dads Hide From Their Moms!

"I gave my dad a call to ask him about some of his earliest experiences with weed and was immediately met with a 'shit Lauren, I don’t know—I’ve been high for so long I don’t remember.' I was eventually able to get a couple stories out of him. One, recalling back to when he was 14 years old and the first time he smoked. He had gotten so high and paranoid that in fear of his mom (my Grandmother who doesn’t fuck around) finding out—he crawled into a nearby bush and slept in it for hours until the high wore off. This event traumatized my dad for years, to the point where he didn’t smoke again until he was about 45 years old. His reintroduction to weed came after his close friend started to grow a couple plants in his backyard—after that, he’s been smoking everyday since."

Lauren Baker is a Senior Creative Producer at Parkwood Entertainment

Above Photo: Mr John Leathers. Circa 1979.

Below Photo: Lauren and her Dad, Recently.


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