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Family Album: Oregon City, OR Circa 1980

It's On The Seat If You Want Some

"I was 19, and home from school for the summer. We were outside putting in a new patio at the house. My dad was laying the tiles and I was shoveling the sand from the back of his pick up. Out of nowhere, he says "I'm going to take a toke," and gets up from the job. ⁠⁠I didn't know what to think. We'd never talked about it... outside of the time I got grounded for the summer after I was kicked out of high school basketball camp for smoking weed! He went into the cab of the truck, then smoke starts billowing out of the cab. Meanwhile I'm just trying to hold it together.⁠⁠He walks back around from the truck and without eye contact says, "it's on the seat if you want some." I was so nervous, I couldn't believe it. Was it a trick? I had to do it. When else was I going to have this opportunity to form a bond like no other?! So I climbed into the cab of the truck (by myself) and saw the little tin with weed and a metal pipe. I took a few hits from the pipe with a big shit eating grin on my face, then head back to continue working. ⁠⁠We had a great time listening to music, joking, laughing, and making dumb mistakes trying to put the patio in. It was a special moment for me. ⁠⁠20 minutes later my Mom leans out of the doorway and says "Dinnertime!" My Dad gets up, looks at me and says "Don't tell your Mom, she'd kill me," and walks into the house. ⁠⁠I spent that entire dinner trying not to burst out into laughter front of my Mom. Thanks, Dad!"

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Photo: Mr Wolsky. Circa 1980


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