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Free Michael Thompson

Being a dad has never been easy. Especially for those who have been unfairly victimized by the war on drugs. Despite the cannabis reform laws of the last few years, there are still thousands of dads (and would-be dads) that are locked up just for having a little bit of grass on them.  

Michael Thompson is one of them, and he needs our help.   

Michael is serving a de facto life sentence in the now legalized state of Michigan for selling three pounds of marijuana to a police informant. During the 25 years he has spent imprisoned, his father, mother, and his only son have died. His mother’s final wish was that he wouldn’t die in prison. Michael, who is now 68 years old and has severe diabetes, is at high risk for COVID-19. He has been petitioning for his freedom for years, to no avail. He had high hopes when the progressive Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took office because she has been an enthusiastic supporter of the state's legal weed industry. But so far, Whitmer has not pardoned him or offered him clemency. 

If we don’t act now, a cannabis sentence could become a death sentence for Michael. 

Below are four simple ways you can lend a helping hand. 

  1. Sign the Letter:  Go to and sign a letter to Governor Whitmer asking her and the Parole Board to expedite Michael's request for clemency. The form is already filled out for, you just need to put in your info and press send. Over 130,000 people have already done it, but the goal is 200,000. One minute of your time could save an entire life.  
  2. Make a Call: Call Governor Whitmer's office at (517) 373-3400 and the Michigan Parole Board at (517) 373-0270. Let them know that you are calling to advocate on behalf of Michael Thompson, a man who has been dealt a life sentence just for selling weed, which is now legal in Michigan.
  3. Spread the Word: Share Michael’s story with your friends and family.  There’s lots of ways to do this. Forward this email. Tag them in one of our Instagram posts.  Bring it up on your next Zoom call. 
  4. Roll It Up for Justice: We’ve added a new feature to that lets you donate a few extra bucks when you make a purchase. Donations go directly to The Last Prisoner Project’s clemency initiative which works to release cannabis prisoners like Michael and help them to rebuild their lives post-incarceration. A small change can make a big impact, and every cent raised through the program gets us all closer to the day when every last cannabis prisoner is set free.


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