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Give Back With The Pack

A Hard Pack For Hard Times

We started with one. A single Classic 1G join. Then there was two. The Twoobie; two slim joints nestled together in a single tube.  Now it’s five. Five perfect J’s, neatly lined up in a sturdy little pack and sealed for long-lasting freshness. 

We’re pretty proud of the Dad Grass Pack. In normal times, a lot of ‘high fives’ would be going around here at Dad Grass HQ. But these aren’t normal times. So instead of bending your ear about the new addition to our family, we are going to keep it short, sweet and focused on what really matters right now. 

Through Thursday June 10th, 100% of proceeds will be donated to the social justice organizations listed at the bottom of this email.

And, as part of our enduring commitment to the Black Lives Matters movement, we will continue to donate 25% of our proceeds through the end of June.  

If you're faced with the choice between buying Dad Grass or donating directly, please donate. But if you can do both, know that we'll be giving back on your behalf.


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