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Introducing the Baja Spring Break Collection

Spring Break!!!
It's a state of mind. And a style (sort of).
Now it's a collection of Dad Grass Merch!

Remember in the 90s when your well-to-do friends went to Mexico for Spring Break (while your parents took you camping, yet again)? If you were lucky, maybe they brought you back one of those crocheted hacky sacks, but they’d return wearing the grails of pinnacle 90s culture: knock-off Oakley wraparounds, a Faux-Lex and, of course, a bootlegged baja hoodie sporting off-printed logos of Stussy, No Fear or Señior Frogs; and boy were we jealous. 

As a tribute to an experience we never had (but always wanted), we scoured the markets and found the perfect Baja hoodie straight from the Mexican Motherland herself.  We shipped em back and printed them right here in Cal-i-forn-i-a. We even found the OG hacky sack manufacturer (turns out they were from Guatemala all along) and had custom Dad Grass versions crocheted right up!

Now it’s your turn to be the envy of your friends! But act quick, we were only able to smuggle a handful of these back!

PS. For maximum chill, pair The Baja Spring Break Collection with Dad Grass CBD Flower and Joints. De nada. 


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