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Introducing The Boomers Dad Stash and Tee

An Independence Day Special From Your Favorite Independent Weed Brand!

Fireworks. A classic piece of adults-only contraband that’s 100% guaranteed to deliver a smokin’ good time. Just like your stash of grass, but far more dangerous when they’re sparked up by inexperienced hands.

It may seem counterintuitive to disguise your Grass as something that’s equally enticing to children (ok boomer!). But that’s the genius of this new Stash. If you’re lucky enough to have some Black Cats, bottle rockets or roman candles, they’re probably on the highest shelf in the house. A carefully considered hiding spot that’s discreetly visited once, twice a year. Tops. A locale that’s so off-limits, even the most precocious pre-teen wouldn’t dream of playing with. It makes perfect sense to mask your Mary Janes as M-80s and stash them in the only place where your most prized possessions are completely safe and sound. Right?

So whether it’s the 4th of July or the 31st of December (some like to welcome the New Year with a bang), you’ll always be ready to light up the night with not one but two parties-in-a-box. When the smoke clears, just tell the kids your co-worker ‘Roland’ gave ‘em to you. 

Available as a 5 Pack Stash and a Flower Stash

If you're really into celebrating like a grown-up, you'll also dig the limited edition "Lighten Up Boomers" Tee we made to commemorate the introduction of our new Dad Stash. 


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