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Introducing the Dad Grass Postcard & Stamp Set

Help Save the USPS!

Yep, most everything you’ve been reading is true. The USPS, and our democracy, is in dire need of our collective help. We love and appreciate the Postal Service, and not just because they’re hip with hemp. It’s an American institution and an essential service for millions of Americans. 

In a sense, we (and you) support them with every package of Dad Grass we ship. But it turns out that the absolute best way to help the USPS is to simply buy some stamps. Experts say that if half of the adults in the US bought a sheet of stamps we could save the service!

So now’s the time for you to dust off your address book, break out that ballpoint, and pen some good old fashion handwritten correspondence. No stationary or stamps? We’ve got you covered with the new Dad Grass Postcard & Stamp set.  

For $11 plus shipping, you’ll get 20 Forever First-Class American Flag stamps (they cost us $.55 each) along with 20 Dad Grass postcards. We’ll even throw in a free 1G Classic CBD joint to help you out with those letter-writing cramps. 

(In case you were trying doing the math in your head, 20 x .55 = 11. That means you are basically buying the stamps directly from the USPS. And then you get postcards and a $10 joint on top of that. Win, win, win).


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