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Jams & Joints (& Beans) #8 - A Second Batch by Yes Plz

daFor your listening pleasure, Tony "Tonx" Konecny, Co-Founder of Yes Plz, has brewed up another tasty treat (AKA a smooth-sipping playlist). It’s a dozen tracks of engaging ambient-leaning mellowness for couch-bound daydreaming or headphone wanderings. This one pairs well with a cup of Dad Beans Batch #002 and a pre rolled Dad Grass Twoobie

(We've listed the tracks and Tonx's notes below just in case you don't use Spotify)

Eighteenth | Tehn | Dreamy ambient track from one of the brains behind electronic instrument makers Monome.

Yarrow | Leif | Liminal dreamy bliss

Spindrift | Colin Stetson | This man makes magical sounds with his saxophone

Traveling Light | Christopher Bissonette | A little out-of-body-experience interlude

Antoinette & A Single Tear Climbing Up A Wall | Haji K. | Mellow morning music

Tropopause (Loscil remix) | Lusine & Loscil | Two great flavors of glitchy ambient goodness intertwined

Peperomia Seedling | Green-House | Nice track from one of my favorite L.A.-based new-age ambient artists

Come To Where I Go - Dirk Leyers | Can an ambient track become an ear worm? This track says yes.

Over The Horizon Radar | Boards of Canada | Magical sounds from the incomparable Scottish brothers

A Good Cleansing Always Sets One’s Mind To Rights | Tsone | Fuzzy ambient that sounds molecularly good

Hyped-Up Plus Tax (Outputmessage remix) | Dabrye | Hip-hop edged ambient jam

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Pretender | Bvdub & Ian Hawgood | A last track to drift away to


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