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Reefer & Reads Chapter One: Plants & Paper(backs)

An Ode to Mother Earth

National Read a Book Day exists - and boy, did we celebrate hard over the long weekend. Because, along with some groovy jams and close friends, good ol’ fashioned paper(backs) pair particularly well with our premium grass.

We’re not here to tell you that you should be reading (whatever Dad!). Or what you should be reading (come on, Mom!). But we do have some favorite titles circulating around Dad Grass HQ and we figured we’d invite you into our little informal book club through a new series we call Reefer & Reads. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A whenever-the-inspiration strikes-us no-pressure-on-you set of reading recommendations combined with suggested reefer pairings.

This week, we’ve got Mother Earth on the brain and our inaugural list is our take on a literary nature walk. So dig in, light up and don’t forget to stop and smoke the flowers.

Here’s bookin’ at you, kids.

The Overstory
By Richard Powers
Pairs Well With: Dad Grass 10 Pack

The Overstory By Richard Power and Dad Grass 10 pack CBD Joints
At this point it’s basically mandatory to read Richard Power’s The Overstory if you want to work at Dad Grass. It’s 512 pages of literary perfection and pairs oh-so-naturally with a Dad Grass Hemp CBD 10 PackThat’s 50 pages per joint (talk about en-light-ened reading). While it pretty much sells itself after receiving the much coveted Pulitzer Prize, we’ll still sing its praises to anyone who will listen. Maybe it’s because of our love of trees. Or perhaps it’s Powers’ hauntingly poetic descriptions of the natural world and our place in. Hell, maybe it’s just the groovy cover art. Whatever it is, we high-ly recommend this read. And if you take nothing else from this wondrous text, remember this mantra: What you make from a tree should be at least as miraculous as what you cut down.”


This Is Your Mind On Plants
By Michael Pollen
Pairs Well With: Dad Grass Flower

Your Mind on Plants Michael Pollen Dad Grass Flower

Who would we be if we didn’t offer a lengthy thome discussing the ways plants can alter the mind, man? This Is Your Mind On Plants by Michael Pollen is pretty dope, and pairs perfectly with our Dad Grass FlowerBecause a book like this requires hemp in its most natural, unadulterated state. But don’t just take our word for it. Kirkus Reviews said it best: It’s “a lucid (in the sky with diamonds) look at the hows, whys, and occasional demerits of altering one’s mind.” We’re suckers for a good pun (and mind altering plants).


The Third Plate
By Dan Barber
Pairs Well With: Beurre De Sqirle 5 Pack Dad Stash

The Third Plate Dan Barber Beurre De Sqirle Dad Stash

We can’t think of a b(u)tter pairing for Dan Barber’s The Third Plate than our Dad Stash that looks like a fancy pack of butter, a tasty collaboration we did with our friends over at Sqirl. Both offer up a slightly off-center take on what we’ve all come to know as ‘farm-to-table’. The Stash (a celebration of butter made from “Grass-fed” cows) will help keep things light while you settle into Barber’s vision for a new future of food and an update to what he sees as an antiquated mode of sustainable thinking. Take a few puffs and consider his thesis that, “In the rush to industrialize farming, we’ve lost the understanding, implicit since the beginning of agriculture, that food is a process, a web of relationships, not an individual ingredient or commodity.” Trust us, this reads like butter. Talk about a book you can sink your teeth into.


Whole Earth Catalog
By Stewart Brand
Pairs well with: Mom Grass 5 Pack

Whole Earth Catalog Dad Grass Mom Grass 5 Pack

If you can’t tell by now, Dad Grass has a thing for Mother Earth (and we have for a while). Pair one of our Mom Grass CBG joints (you’ll want to opt for the 5 Pack) with a digital version of early technologist Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalog from the Fall of ‘68. The print versions of these countercultural bibles from the 60s are hard to get your hands on, but thanks to the Interwebs we can all login to tune out with this blast from the past. The Mom Grass will keep you calm and grounded while you plant your feet in this sweeping read from yester-year. Just make sure you have your joint lit by the introductory assertion: “We are as gods and we might as well get good at it.”


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