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Smoke 'Em Out!

Introducing the Smoke ‘Em Out Dad Hat

100% of Proceeds Donated to the Fight for Free & Fair Elections

We know, we know. Every major corporation, brand, celebrity and pretty much anyone else that has some sort of virtual bullhorn is on your case about voting right now. But this is the type of nagging that Dad Grass 100% supports. In fact, we’re joining the chorus with our own little effort to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard in the upcoming election.

Available now exclusively on is a limited edition version of our classic Dad Hat featuring an embroidery of our friend Mr. Ballot. Why’s he smoking a Dad Grass joint? Well, democracy is hard work and, come November 4th, we’ll all deserve something that helps take a bit of the edge off.

Most importantly, we’re donating 100% of the proceeds from this Smoke ‘Em Out Dad Hat to Fair Fight, Stacey Abrams’ organization that promotes fair elections and combats voter suppression. Like our ballots, every dollar counts. And through our joint efforts, they can continue their fight to stop others from trying to bogart our votes.  

Get your hat now!


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