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Vice Says Dad Grass Is The Perfect Gift For Your Grumpy Punk Friends Who Are Finally Ready to Have Nice Stuff

You know who they're talking about...those friends who "might feign hatred of capitalism, but when it comes down to it, they want nice stuff just like any other person who appreciates non-two-buck-Chuck wine and central A/C."

We've got a few of them ourselves and they're all getting Dad Grass this year.

Here's why our friends at Vice are recommending Dad Grass as a holiday gift for all your grumpy punk friends also:

"Yeah, we know all about that time they went to 924 Gilman on acid and stage dove off the balcony. But now we’re older, it’s 2020, and the likelihood of a bad trip is higher than ever. Dad Grass makes CBD joints—yep, pre-rolls that just mellow you out, minus any and all paranoia. Smoking one feels a little edgier than sipping on a CBD seltzer or whatever the kids are doing now, but won’t lead you down a rabbit hole of anxiety."

Read the full article here.
Shop Dad Grass joints here.


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