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What Effects Can I Expect From Dad Grass CBD Pre Rolls?

Batch #004 Smoking Notes
Part 3: Some Effects To Expect

Relaxed Body & Mind! Smooth buzz! Clear head! Widened Smile!

When we finished twisting up our fourth batch of joints a few weeks back, we decided it was high time we shared a few things about what makes Dad Grass so damn enjoyable. We know that most of you aren't graduates of Weed University, so we've been keeping these 'Smoking Notes' simple and familiar, just like everything we make. Because smoking joints shouldn't be complicated! 

For this week's installment, we're dialing in on some of the effects you can expect from our CBD Pre Rolls.

Of course, everyone's their own unique little flower and we get a range of positive reports back from our fans who love smoking our CBD joints. But they're usually along the lines of,  "When I take my first puff, my body relaxes and my mind eases, and I settle in with a smooth buzz that keeps my head clear and my soul light."  Or, in the words of our friend Zach, "I felt like I was sitting in a sunken couch wearing a kimono listening to Herb Alpert."

Unlike the high-test stuff today’s kids are digging, Dad Grass tends to widen your smile without altering your mind. The 100% Organic hemp flower we rolled up in our Batch #004 joints looks, smells and tokes just like finest nugs that you'd pick up from your local dispensary. But because it’s high in CBD and very low in THC, you get all the mellow goodness of cannabis without getting stoned or freaking out. We liken it to having a beer or two. It gets us just ‘high enough’ and helps smooth out the edges of these stressful days.

We love hearing your stories about how Dad Grass puts a smile on your face, so don't be shy. Hit us up on email, the Instagrams or pen a quick review on Who knows, we may even send you free joints as a little token of our appreciation.


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