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What Pairs Well With Dad Grass CBD Pre Rolls?

Batch #004 Smoking Notes
Part Two: A Few Of Our Favorite Pairings

​It's time for the second installment of Batch #004 Smoking Notes, A Grass Guide for Guys & Gals.

We tend to think that Dad Grass  CBD pre rolls go well with pretty much everything, but a few of our favorite pairings are frisbee in the park, the Grateful Dead (duh!), doing the dishes, BBQ’ing anything, gardening, camping and beach days.

If you missed it, be sure to check out the blog post with last week's notes, all about the smells of Dad Grass. And stay tuned for more Batch #004 Smoking Notes. Next week we'll be sharing some of the effects you can expect!

Dad Grass Frisbee


Tasting Notes The Dead
Dad Grass Gardening
Dad Grass Barbeque
Dad Grass Dishes
Dad Grass Camping
Dad Grass Laundry


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