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Family Album: Hawaii, Circa 1993

Sherry Shares Because Sherry Cares

"Mama Sherry, Sherry baby, Sher-bear. The dog whisperer, heady toker, master “baker”, ray of hilarious sunshine I call “mom” goes by many names. The one who brings the party to every party, you can always count on Sherry to offer you a bowl in her 90s-era glass-blown pipe or (nowadays because, germs) your very own joint. My mom smoked with the best in her college days, and had all-but-forgotten about weed until one day about 10 years back my brother (the stoner philosopher) forced her to toke to heal a headache. With that fateful hit, a pint-sized stoner was born. Now it's a family affair. In the spring you can find her planting her clones with my dad in their garden. At dinner parties, she’s the one who, instead of offering drinks, will ask each guest if they’d like to “puff before supper”. She seems to live by the lyrics of that Sublime Song. She’s who I want to be when I grow up."

Suzanne Shpall is the founder of Highland Pantry (low dose cannabis edibles for boomer babes), Mogon and other groovy weed brands. She also happens to be the love & life partner of Dad Grass Co-Founder Joshua Katz. See his Family Album post from last Mother's Day here.

Photo: Mrs Sherry Marks-Shpall & Suzanne Shpall. Circa 1983.


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