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Refinery29 Says Mom Grass is the Grooviest Mother's Day Gift

It's official. We've "entered the chat." We're not quite sure what that means (ok, boomer...) but it seems like a good thing. Especially coming from Refinery29! They know what the kids are into. And apparently, they think the (adult) kids are going to be into Mom Grass!

We had a fun chat with Avery Felman (the writer) and got a chance to school her on the ins-and-outs of cannabis: From smokeable hemp to the difference between CBD and CBG. 

Here's what she said about her experience with Mom Grass CBG Joints:

I was transported to a different time. Maybe not a friend's garage, like my Dad might have been, but to a nostalgic time when passing around a joint with friends was something to look forward to, not an experience you might come to quickly regret. To my surprise, not only was there no lingering stench, but I enjoyed the best effects of getting high — being relaxed, relieved, and laid back — without feeling out totally of control. Initially, I felt like something was missing. I could hold a conversation and every creak in the floorboards didn't leave me with an impending sense of doom. Then I realized, this is how it should be.”
And here's a few other kind words she threw our way. 
“If you're looking for more evidence that Mom Grass's grounding effects make for an excellent introduction into the new world of CBG, their smokable quality goes right to the top of the list."
"At the center of their brand is a humor that is sorely lacking in many other areas of our lives, including pockets of the weed industry."

Read the whole article here.


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