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Vice Says Mom Grass Is The Hot Shot New Kid In Town

We gave the good people over at Vice a sneak preview of our new Mom Grass CBG joints with our fingers crossed that they'd give them their stamp of approval. If you know anything about Vice, you know that they can be some pretty tough critics! Thankfully, they were already hip to CBG and open to the new experience of smoking it in joint form. Judging by the article they posted, Vicey likey!

They even went the extra distance to break down "WTF is the difference between CBD and CBG?"  (We know, it can be confusing...)

About Dad Grass (our CBD joints) they said:
"We’re big fans of Dad Grass’s smokeable CBD joints, which give us the mellow, maxin’, relaxin’ feeling that we so desperately need in this big scary world, sans any THC-induced paranoia we might get from hitting the dispensary or dealer. We love to puff away and sink into an armchair, maybe listen to that transcendent new Pharoah Sanders/Floating Points record."

About Mom Grass (our CBG joints) they said:
"So, how does it feel? Of course, these experiences will be a little different for everyone, but anecdotally, many people report it having generally relaxing effects, as well as offering a mild body high, and for some, even an increase in appetite. (Yup, the munchies.) Some studies even suggest it can help protect against THC-induced anxiety, counteracting its effects. It may even have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, for potential medical applications in the future, although that research is still very much pending. For now, just know it’s another friendly new cannabinoid that could offer you a good-time smoking experience."

Read the whole article here.


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